Zorra Canada 150th Celebrations Committee

The Committee shall coordinate, promote, collaborate, implement and evaluate the Township’s community celebration of the 150th Anniversary of Canada as well as other notable anniversaries to occur throughout 2017 at varying locations in the Township.

Collaboration: The Committee will identify and work with partners to brand and promote cooperation and cross promotion between the numerous major events in the Township during 2017.

Promotion: The Committee will oversee the planning and implementation of a marketing and promotional campaign to encourage participation in the events by residents as well as to attract visitors and tourists to join the celebration.

Engagement: The Committee will foster a sense of pride in the Township of Zorra. The Committee will encourage active participation and bring our community together to mark and celebrate our diversity in inclusive ways for all of the community milestones.

Innovation: Work with community groups to investigate various ways of delivery of events, community information, promotion, and leveraging funding in order to ensure that the events are run economically.

The Committee will exist until the end of 2017.

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