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Township of Zorra

Spring is here, the snow has melted and the grass has started to grow.  Please keep in mind that the Township has a Yard and Lot Maintenance By-law that consists of provisions to keep all properties pest free, aesthetically consistent, safe, and to keep the community beautiful and property values high.

In order to maintain this consistency and with regards to safety and appearance, grass and weeds must be maintained at a height less than 8 inches. Further, property owners and tenants shall keep their land free from industrial and domestic wastes, inoperable motorized vehicles (both licensed or unlicensed), vehicle parts, construction materials, and other refuse.  If refuse has started to accumulate on your property, you are required to place it in appropriate containers, stored at the side or rear of your lot, and placed curbside within 14 days. 

The process for a Land Clearance inspection are as follows:
Upon inspection of a yard that does not conform to the by-law, the Owner will receive a Work Order from the By-Law Enforcement Officer in person or by mail. The order will notify the property owner of the items in need of attention, provide a reasonable deadline, and a notice that the property needs to stay within compliance for a 12 month rolling period.  If, within time noted on the work order, the property does not conform, the Township will charge an inspection fee of $95 + HST collected the same as taxes and will arrange to have the yard remedied at the Owner’s expense.

This is a new By-law, replacing By-law 70-2011.  A copy of the Yard and Lot Maintenance By-law 15-2015 can be found on the by-law page of this website.