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Township of Zorra

Please be advised that every owner of a privately owned swimming pool in Zorra Township shall erect and maintain a fence completely surrounding such pool in accordance with the provisions of By-law No. 23-08 known as the Pool Fencing By-law. 

A privately owned swimming pool is any type of pool, when filled, contains a depth of 18 inches or more of water at any given section and is not enclosed and covered by an accessory structure but does not include fish ponds, hot tubs, spas or irrigation ponds.  If the pool is an above-ground swimming pool a fence is not required if the structure is at least 4 feet in height above grade, and has no permanently attached ladder which is removed when the pool in not in use.  It cannot contain any exterior foothold or handholds including a pump or accessory appurtenance or structure.

Where a deck is erected at or near the rim level of an above-ground privately owned swimming pool, the deck shall be fenced and gated and such deck fencing and gates shall conform to the requirements

In addition, no owner shall fill a privately owned swimming pool with water or allow water to remain therein unless a fence has been erected in accordance with the bylaw.

Once the fencing has been completed to the specifications as outlined in the by-law, the owner shall notify the Chief Building Official or the Township Building Inspector within 24 hours or by the next business day so that an inspection may be conducted.

To obtain a full copy of the by-law which outlines materials, construction, general provisions, and enforcement please visit the by-law section of this website or contact the Township Office.  The Township will be taking this by-law very seriously and inspections will take place.