Township of Zorra
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Township of Zorra

Fire By-law 25-08 

Open Air Burning

Open-air burning within the boundaries of the Township of Zorra is prohibited unless permission has been given by the Fire Chief in the form of a Fire Permit.  Please review By-law 25-08 for more information.

Recreational Burning

Recreational fires may be permitted which are contained within non-combustible containers or pits specifically designed for open-air burnings.  Some General Provisions are listed below, however, please see By-law 25-08 Schedule B for all General Provisions:

  • Burning may be conducted between the hours of 4pm and midnight only.
  • No materials other than dry seasoned wood, commercially produced charcoal and briquettes may be burned
  • Open-air burnings shall be confined to non-combustible containers or to a pit no larger than two feet by two feet with flames not exceeding 2 feet in height.
  • The burning pit shall be confined to a location at least 15 feet in all directions from adjacent properties and or structures.
  • An extinguishing agent of sufficient size and with the capability extinguishing the fire shall be immediately available for use.
  • The fire shall be attended, controlled and supervised at all times and shall be completely extinguished before the site is vacated.
  • Open-air burning is prohibited when the wind speed exceeds fifteen kilometres per hour or during rainy or foggy weather conditions or when a smog alert has been declared.