Township of Zorra
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Township of Zorra

The Township of Zorra Council enacted By-law 50-12 to Govern and regulate the maintenance, occupancy, use of, and other matters pertaining to, those portions of public highways under the jurisdiction of the Township of Zorra known as boulevards.  The purpose of the by-law is to improve boulevard maintenance, safety and aesthetics throughout the Township.

By-law 50-12 defines “Boulevard” as “that part of a Highway (whether assumed or unassumed by the Township) between a Street Line and the edge of the curb or, where there is no curb, that portion of the Highway Road Allowance between the travelled portion to the Street Line.  A Boulevard may or may not contain a sidewalk.   A boulevard must be in a serviced area of the Township as defined in the Official Plan.”

By-law requirements are as follows, but not limited to:

  • Clean and Clear the Abutting Boulevard of all debris, waste, refuse and litter;
  • Clean and Clear the Abutting Boulevard of any abandoned items, machinery, equipment or other thing;
  • Maintain grass and weeds on any Abutting Boulevard at a height which is not greater than twenty (20) cm [eight (8) in] in height;
  • Maintain the Landscaping on any Abutting Boulevard so that Landscaping materials do not encroach over that portion of an adjacent Highway that is travelled or designed to be travelled by Vehicles, adjacent driveway or sidewalk.

If the By-law Enforcement Officer is satisfied that a contravention of the by-law has occurred, the officer may make a Work Order requiring the person who contravened the by-law or who caused or permitted the contravention or the owner or occupier of the land to do the work to correct the contravention.  Failure to correct the contravention will allow the Corporation of the Township of Zorra to have the property brought into compliance and recover the costs incurred from the person directed.