Township of Zorra
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Township of Zorra

There are three fire stations in the Township of Zorra located in Thamesford, Embro and Uniondale.  These three stations, along with assistance provided by the Township of South-West Oxford Fire & Emergency Services for service to a portion of the village of Beachville within the Township’s jurisdiction, provide fire and emergency services to the Township of Zorra.  Fire Chief John McFarlan oversees all fire services within the Township of Zorra.

For all emergencies, please call “911”.

Emergency calls are dispatched from Woodstock through the 911 emergency network.  

If you see a vehicle with a green flashing light, please move over to the right of the road to allow the vehicle with the green flashing light to pass.  The green flashing light means that a Volunteer Firefighter is responding to an emergency call.  

As mentioned, a portion of the village of Beachville, within the Township boundaries, is serviced by the Township of South-West Oxford Fire & Emergency Services - Station # 3 Beachville, through a mutual aid agreement with the Township of South-West Oxford.  By-law No. 43-03 was passed on August 19, 2003 adopting the agreement for this servicing arrangement.  See the maps linked below for further details.
Fire Service Area Map 
Beachville Service Area Map  

Before starting a burn, you should be sure to review Regulation and Setting of Fires By-law 25-08 .

New Open Air Burn Permit Process (2017)

The Township has introduced a Permanent Fire Permit process for open air burning.  This process involves a one-time application which will reduce the effort required to set up permission for an open air burn.  All applications will be reviewed by the Fire Chief and upon approval, the applicant will be able to proceed with open air burns by calling into dispatch directly to report the burn details.   Review application form and conditions for the new permit, then complete your application!  Please note - the process for small recreation burns within a ring or fire pit in backyard has not changed - these types of fires do not require a permit.

Image of Embro Fire Station

90 Union Street
Embro, Ontario

Matt Cockle – District Chief - Embro Station
Cell:  519-494-3534
Email Embro Fire 

Equipment - 1 tanker, 1 pumper, 1 rescue & 22 volunteer firefighters

682820 Road 68 (Hwy 2)
Thamesford, Ontario

Jim Manzer – District Chief - Thamesford Station
Cell:  519-617-2540
Email Thamesford Fire

Equipment - 1 tanker, 1 pumper, 1 rescue & 22 volunteer firefighters

Image of Uniondale Fire Station

962992 Road 96
Uniondale, Ontario

Paul Mitchell – District Chief - Uniondale Station
Cell:  519-617-5357
Email Uniondale Fire

Equipment - 1 tanker, 1 pumper & 18 volunteer firefighters