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Township of Zorra
Accessibility Standards for Customer Service - Complaint/Suggestion Form [Fill out online] [Printable Form]

Accessibility Standards for Customer Service - Alternate Format Request Form [Fill out online] [Printable Form]
Pre-authorized Payment form

Property Assessment Reconsideration form (MPAC)

Vacancy application for Rebate of Property Taxes (Commercial and Industrial Buildings only)

Application for Raffle Lottery

Building Permit Application

Outdoor Recreation Event Permit Application
"Outdoor Recreational Event" means any outdoor exhibition, concert, festival, or motor vehicle race, relay, rally or demonstration not held on municipally owned property.

New Open Air Burn Permit Process

The Township has introduced a Permanent Fire Permit process for open air burning.  This process involves a one-time application which will reduce the effort required to set up permission for an open air burn.  All applications will be reviewed by the Fire Chief and upon approval, the applicant will be able to proceed with open air burns by calling into dispatch directly to report the burn details.  Review application form and conditions for the new permit, then complete your application!  Please note - the process for small recreation burns within a ring or fire pit in backyard has not changed - these types of fires do not require a permit.

Replacement Tree Form [Fill out online] [Printable Form]

Work and Road Use permit form

PLEASE NOTE: Township of Zorra Forms can also be emailed or picked up at the Township Office.  Please contact the Township Office for details at 519-485-2490.