Theft of Deer Crossing Signage

There has been a number of Deer Crossing signs stolen from locations around the Township of Zorra.  The Township of Zorra intends on pursuing criminal charges to anyone caught stealing signage or is in the possession of stolen property of any Township asset.  Theft is a Criminal Offence described under Section 322 of the Criminal Code of Canada.  The maximum punishment is set at 6 months imprisonment and or a $2000 fine.  If you have any information to the theft of any Township assets, please contact By-law Enforcement at 519-485-2490 Ext 230 or the Ontario Provincial Police at 1-888-310-1122.

Deer Crossing signage is very important for safety reasons as cars and deer can be a lethal combination. There is a significant Deer population in Oxford County.  With Deer migration and mating seasons many Deer find their way onto highways and in urban neighbourhoods.  Without proper signage to alert drivers, there is an increase in the potential for a collision. 

Drivers should be aware of the following:

  • Deer are not just found on rural roads near wooded areas; many deer crashes occur on busy highways near cities.
  • Deer are unpredictable, especially when faced with glaring headlights, blowing horns and fast-moving vehicles. They often dart into traffic.
  • Deer often move in groups. If you see one, there are likely to be more in the vicinity.