Award Nominations

Award Winners

Anne Hollis - 2016 Ontario Senior of the Year Award Recipient!

Congratulations to Zorra's 2016 Ontario Senior of the year - Anne Hollis!  Anne has been very active in the community for many years now. For the last twenty years she has volunteered at Knox United Church in Embro, in addition to volunteering for the last
six years at the Seniors Centre in Ingersoll. Over the last three years she has also added volunteering in the kitchen at Camp Tanner to her growing list of duties.

But perhaps her greatest and most lasting impact on her community has been in crossing the generational divide. Ever since her
granddaughter Sarah started school at A.J. Baker Public School in Kintore, Anne has been a fixture there. She goes to the school on an almost daily basis to help the youngest children learn to read. There are many children in the area who read their first sentence with Mrs. Hollis.  Congratulations Anne!

The Ontario Senior of the Year award gives each municipality in Ontario the opportunity to honour one outstanding local Ontarian who after the age of 65 has enriched the social, cultural or civic life of his/her community.

2017 Oxford Stewardship Award Winner!

Oxford County Warden David Mayberry presented the 2017 Oxford Stewardship Award to Scotty and Jodie Zehr from East-Zorra Tavistock at a meeting of County Council, in recognition of their efforts toward land improvement and sustainability.

The Zehr’s were singled out by the award selection committee for their deep commitment to conservation, including efforts to divert clean water away from a livestock yard, planting hardwood trees and wildlife shrubs and creating a two-acre wetland marsh on their farm. This wetland will reduce erosion and nutrient loss and will also improve natural vegetation and wildlife populations in the area. It will also become a key feature of a children’s summer camp, where kids get to experience activities such as horseback riding, frogging, and nature hikes.

Congratulations also go out to short-listed candidates:

The Grieve Family of Zorra Township - for retiring an area of cropland by creating a wetland marsh to reduce overland runoff during storms and adding biodiversity to the landscape.

Jim and Carol Harrison of Zorra Township - in recognition of their efforts to retire 7.5 acres of agricultural floodplain along the middle branch of the Thames River by planting 3,900 seedlings.